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Yvone Kon

Hello, I'm Yvone Kon, a freelance writer, blogger and author of the blog EventSpiration.

Yvone Kon is a freelance writer and blogger.  She is the author of the blog EventSpiration, offering inspiration and ideas for weddings, parties and holiday celebrations.  Yvone Kon has authored several columns on wedding and event planning, and frequently writes articles on weddings, wedding planning, wedding fashion, wedding etiquette, history and traditions.  She accepts freelance writing assignments and has written articles on a wide variety of topics, including pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, childhood, home and gardening, food and drink and entertaining.  She is passionate about animal advocacy and adoption and thinks shelter dogs are the best breed.  Yvone believes it is always better to adopt a "used" dog rather than buying a new one, and spends her days working with her rescued dogs by her side.

Yvone Kon's Background

Yvone Kon's Experience

Marketing & Graphic Design Consultant at M.Y. Marketing & Design Studio

2005 - 2008

Freelance marketing consultant and graphic designer.

Marketing Director/Event Coordinator/Webmaster at The Shiloh

2005 - 2008

Marketed, booked, managed and coordinated all events, included weddings, parties, holiday events and business meetings. Additionally performed all marketing activities and advertising. Designed and built website.

Independent Contractor - Writer at

January 2012

Freelance writer for with three columns: National Wedding Planning, Pittsburgh Event Planning and Pittsburgh Animal Advocacy.

Yvone Kon's Education

University of Phoenix Online

Concentration: Marketing

Yvone Kon's Interests & Activities

Blogging, reading, dancing, creating digital art and all types of crafts. Passionate about animal advocacy, adoption and saving shelter animals.

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